Permanent wants!
Deoxys doll art
Ok so without babbling, here are my poké-related wants!
In no particular order! x3
(If you own any of these pictures and dont want me to use them, please let me know!)

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Hey guys, im a bit of a slow shipper, wich may do that people wanna be updated!
so i thought, why not make a status post? so here it is :D
v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v
first i will write wich person it is, then what they ordered and then the status of the package/stuff.

Blue_drag0nfly. stuff. Packed- will be shipped soon.
Pannsie. venudoll figure. packed-shipped soon.

I will ship these of when ive packed some other stuff! to get it all out the same time, okie? :)

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Hey guys! I have decided to actually(not oftenly happen) To open up TWO (May be opening another one up depending on interest!) custom auctioned off slots for clay figures! :D
As im in the need of money atm! help ;w; <3
Hope i get some interest :)
I make all my figs approx the same size, and therye based of pokedolls, keep it in mind :)
To see some ive made for examples, check here:
I wont remake the one i have already made! If its not the other color variation :)
U can see some size reffering to my hand in the pics below v v v v v

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Pokedoll-figure offers/ENDED

Hey there, i have made some pokedoll styled clay figures that i thought i might auction/offer out to you :)
Theyre based on official pokedolls and are made of sculpey/fimo clay.  I think i will be starting each at $15(i think thats very reasonable for a fig like this)  but feel free to offer lower, but i might not accept the offer if so ^^
Also, these are kindof a part of a project, to make all pokedolls in figure style. And i want them all to go to people out there :) I dont think ill ever make one of the same doll, so get yours while u can! Please give these a good hooooooome! :D
Theyre very detailed,(according to me xD) And each took ATLEAST half an hour to make ^^'
Also, to get bulbas colours and to get magikarps fins and WHISKERSSSS(GOD SO ANNOYING) right wasa total pain in the *** xD <3

So a lot of time, effort, and love have gotten into these, lol :)

Ohyeah, good stuff to know.
*granted salespermish by Dakajojo :)
*accepts paypal only :D
*usually a SLOOOOW shipper, lol
*ships from sweden
* AUCTIONS WILL END WITHIN JULY THE 5Th, so get your bids in before that date! :)
*These guys want good homes only >:|   xD


Wooper  '_______'


And at last for this time, Magikarp :)

Sorry for deh blurryness :)


Wants :)

Hey guys, here are the items i want at the moment, so if you have any of this stuff for sale or maybe wanna part with, please tell me :3

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This awesome nuzleaf TCG figure., dont care if its a bootleg, WANTS! ^^

Nuzleaf mighty bean

Nuzleaf zukan piece, doesnt have to be with a base or anything :)

Meditite line zukan

Nuzleaf pokedex figure
Nuzleaf PokeDex Figure

Comment here instead of giving me an PM!

Thats it :) There something with my acoount, so I cant receive PM:s :)

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